The Ends of Starting an Activewear Ecommerce Business: Retail Consultants YRC

The Ends of Starting an Activewear Ecommerce Business: Retail Consultants YRC

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— Nikhil Agarwal

DUBAI, Sept. 24, 2022 / — The team, while acknowledging the growing challenges for online sportswear and accessories businesses, also say that having the right fundamentals in place helps to keep many challenges at bay. Omnichannel consulting experts support companies in managing their online and offline fronts. In this release, YRC illustrates four fundamentals for starting an activewear e-commerce business.

Product offer

When no product or value chain specialization is available, a simple product selection strategy is to opt for a general product line. Product portfolio decisions are then governed by market demand, margins, supply chain favourability, ease of doing business, etc. These factors also apply to other approaches described below.
Another approach is to use specialized knowledge and expertise in the field. It allows you to target niche segments. For example, a good golfer would know a lot more about golf products than non-golfers. The catch here is knowing for sure that there is expertise.

Yet another strategy for the product offering decision is the presence of expertise and influence in the supply or value chain. This can be in the areas of raw materials, production, logistics, warehousing, distribution channel, etc. For example, a sock manufacturer is in a better position to market sport-specific socks and niche.

Purchase of products

Various product sourcing strategies available to companies adopt the franchise model, do their own manufacturing, source from distributors or independently from manufacturers, or any other model in any combination that suits them. The driving factors here are the demand for branded versus non-branded products, product quality, production and delivery times, costs and profitability, supply chain partner capabilities, requirements value proposition, etc. Despite specialized expertise in the field, a company can still choose not to engage in production if it has reason to believe that it might not be able to meet, for example, quality standards or requirements of value proposition.

Value proposition

The concept of value is relevant to all businesses. This value is what a company offers to its customers and the customers are willing to buy it. This value could be a solution to any active need of a market segment. It could be a problem solver. Or it could also be something of previously unrealized value. The important factor with the value proposition is its uniqueness. For example, an online sportswear company might think of this value in terms of providing a lifetime subscription with benefits such as credit purchases and discounted prices for future purchases. Offering products for a niche segment alone could represent value. The same could be said for having exclusive rights to sell a particular sportswear brand online.

Operations management

Customers assume that e-commerce businesses operate with superior speed and accuracy. Thanks to the order processing standards set by the leading brands in the market. And if online sportswear companies want to maintain such high operational standards, this must first be reflected in their operational planning. The operational standards required for managing an e-commerce brand cannot be achieved without process guidance and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Seasoned experts in online business consulting are often seen taking the side of implementing SOP ( for operational excellence in commerce electronic.

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