The ARD landscape in Slovenia

National Research and Development Programme 2006-2010 is the main strategic document which defines the science strategy and policy and priority areas. The NRDP is a constituent part of the national development strategy and governmental policies embodying development goals and influences whose common purpose is promoting development towards an economically and socially successful society.

Main Slovenian institutions dealing with research in Agriculture and Food related issues:

  • University of Ljubljana: Biotechnical Faculty, Veterinary Faculty, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
  • University of Maribor: Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical engineering, Pedagogical faculty
  • University of Primorska: Science and Research Centre of Koper
  • University of Nova Gorica
  • National Institute of Biology
  • Slovenian Forestry Institute
  • Agricultural institute of Slovenia
  • Institute for Sustainable Development
  • Institute for Hop Research and Brewing Žalec
  • National Institute of Chemistry
  • “Jožef Štefan” Institute
  • The Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

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Country Profile Slovenia, ERA-ARD I 2009 - pdf version

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